About us


The mission of our society is to promote and improve the welfare and health of the nation through academic activities of the neuroendovascular therapy.  This society is defined to contribute to the scientific field of medicine in terms of development of therapeutic modalities, academic research, public relations, survey and qualification of the board certification.

Nonprofit Activities

1. Promote health, medical care and welfare
2. Promote academic, cultural, artistic and sports
3. Communication, advice and assistance activities related to the management or activities of organizations working with preceding topics.


1. Academic research project holding meetings, research presentations, and lectures in neuroendovascular therapy and related areas.
2. Issue official journals, papers and texts in neuroendovascular therapy and related areas.
3. Survey and research project in neuroendovascular therapy and related areas.
4. Collaboration with related organizations in Japan and overseas
5. Establishing, publishing and qualification approval for certification criteria for specialists in neuroendovascular therapy and related areas.
6. Other necessary projects to achieve the purpose of this corporation

Founding: 1982 (Specified nonprofit corporation since 2006)

Corporate case: Specified nonprofit corporation The Japanese Society for Neuroendovascular Therapy (2006.9.5. Tokyo Authentication, 2006.10.4. established, 2006.11.17. Complete transition)

Member 4,575 (regular 4,381, Associate 169, Honorary 21, Special 7, and Support 5: 2021.12.1)
Specialist 1744 (Supervisor 403, 2021.12.1)

President: Shigeru Miyachi (Aichi Medical University)
President Elect: Toshiyuki Fujinaka 
Vise President Elect: Tetsu Satow, Hiro Kiyosue
Executive Office Director: Yuji Matsumaru (Tsukuba University)
Deputy general: Shinichi Yoshimura (Hyogo Medical College)
Public relations: Akira Ishii (Kyoto University)


Shinanomachi-Rengakan, 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0016, Japan
International Medical Information Center, The Japanese Society for Neuroendovascular Therapy
TEL:03-5361-7555  FAX:03-5361-7091 
E-mail: jsnet@imic.or.jp

Homepage:  http://www.jsnet.umin.jp/
e-mail address:    jsnet-admin[at]umin.net(office)
                            jsnet[at]imic.or.jp(membership work)
                            jsin-hq[at]umin.net(specialist certificate system)